Resident Resources

Please make use of this guide to help you keep track of various resources, information, and other helpful tips for living at Cornish Commons. Thanks for being part of our community!


Please use the link below to view our Resident Guide, which lists many of our policies and procedures. 

Resident Guide 2023-24
All policies within apply to Cornish residents, many policies within apply to other interns, students, and visitors in residence.
Residential Policies (23-24).pdf
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Please use the instructions in the following document to set up your wireless internet as needed. Reach out to if you encounter issues.

Nellie's CAFÉ

Living at Cornish Commons grants you access to Nellie's Café, which is Cornish's dining service provider. Located conveniently on the first floor of MCC across the street, we encourage you to pay Nellie's a visit for easy access to delicious and healthy meal options while you're here. 


Your residential kitchenette is equipped with a two-burner, induction cooktop and microwave/convection oven with venting hood. This combination should help increase safe use of the kitchenette. Please follow the instructions to ensure best practices when utilizing your kitchenette.


Use induction ready pots & pans on your cooktop. You can test if your pots & pans are induction ready by placing a magnet on the bottom. If it sticks, they are induction ready. Here are some examples of induction-ready cookware: Example Cookware 1, Example Cookware 2

• To ensure proper ventilation and avoid setting off the smoke detectors and fire alarms, always turn on the microwave/convection oven hood by pressing the “Vent Fan” button on the lower left of the unit. It also provides a "Hood Light" button for additional lighting. 

• It is always a good idea to open your window prior to beginning cooking.

• Be sure to reference cooking instructions on packaging as well as the provided manuals for both the cooktop and the microwave/convection oven.

• If there is smoke present and NO FIRE, please do your best to refrain from opening your door to the hallway. Once smoke enters the hallway, the building fire system will be activated and residents will have to evacuate.

• If NO FIRE is present, please be sure that all fans are engaged and windows are open. Manually fan a towel back and forth near your room smoke detector. This will help the alarm to reset as well as encourage smoke to dissipate.

• If FIRE IS PRESENT, please immediately exit the room and make your way to safety.




We are excited to have you here with us in Seattle, and as a way to support your wellbeing while you are visiting with us, we have compiled this document of resources that you may utilize during your stay.


Below is a list of physical and mental health resources in our area. Cornish College of the Arts students should also make use of NellieCare for various health services. 




Closest Location

Services Provided

Crisis Connections

Help Line

Virtual/Call In

Emotional Crisis Support

24-Hr Crisis Line @ 866-427-4747

Supports 155 Languages


Urgent Care Clinic

South Lake Union

116 Westlake Ave N

Seattle WA 98109

5 Minute Walk Away


Mental Health


Telehealth Available

Planned Parenthood

Family Planning Center

2001 E Madison St

Seattle, WA 98122

20 Minutes via Public Transit

Family Planning Services

LGBT Services

General Health Care

Reproductive Health Care

Virginia Mason Medical Center


Emergency Care

110 9th Ave

Seattle, WA 98101

5 Minute Car Ride

Emergency Care

Stroke Center

Level IV Trauma Center



CVS Pharmacy

503 Westlake Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

0.4 Miles Away


566 Denny Way

Seattle, WA 98109

0.4 Miles Away


222 Pike St

Seattle, WA 98101

0.6 Miles Away

Target (CVS)

1401 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA 98101

0.8 Miles Away


Building reminders and info

Welcome Desk: The front desk is staffed by desk assistants from 8am-10pm, seven days a week. It is staffed by security from 10pm-8am seven days a week. Our Welcome Desk staff can assist with any questions or needs you may have related to the building. They can help you with a lockout, a maintenance issue with your room or in the building, and any other questions you may have. When staffed by Security, the desk provides fewer services, but can assist with contacting an on-call staff member if needed. 


Lockouts: If you lock yourself out of your room, our staff can help you. Please visit the Welcome Desk or call the 24-hour on-call staff number: (206) 902-6371.


Fitness Center: The fitness center, located on the 20th floor, is available 24/7 for residents. Please respect others’ space and limit occupancy of the fitness center to one person per fitness station. We also appreciate your efforts to clean or wipe down equipment after use. 


Packages/Mail: Packages will be available for pick up on the third floor of Cornish’s Main Campus Center (MCC). MCC is on the opposite corner of Terry Ave. and Lenora St., and you may use the Lenora St. entrance by swiping your ID card. If you need directions, please ask the Welcome Desk and they will be happy to assist you. Package pickup is available during all open hours at MCC (which may be more limited during the summer). Paper Mail will be available for pickup at the Cornish Commons Welcome Desk.


All packages and mail must clearly be labeled with your name and box number; otherwise, it will be returned to sender. Do not include your room number in your mailing address.   


Example Mailing Address:

First Last

1000 Lenora St.


Seattle, WA 98121